Hillary Sexism Watch: Feelings edition


18 février 2008

sur http://feministing.com/archives/008626.html

Barack Obama, at a news conference on Friday in Milwaukee:

« I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal. » « Je comprends que le sénateur Clinton, périodiquement, quand elle est triste, lance des attaques comme une façon d’essayer de relancer son appel.« 

I’m with Lauren in finding this sexist. It’s about word choice: He could have just as easily said, « periodically when her poll numbers look bad. » But instead he says she does so when she’s « feeling down. » ‘Cause you know how the ladies are. They’re always doing things based on their emotions . Not because they’re trying to, say, get ahead in the workplace or win an election or anything.

Here it is on video:

I like what DnA (an Obama supporter) had to say about this comment:

On the one hand, he seems to be suggesting that Clinton is engaging in what Obama refers to as « the same old Washington Politics ».

But on the other hand, it’s hard for me not to read the subtext of this statement as « if you elect this woman, she’s going to act crazy every time she’s on the rag. You know how chicks are. » What does « feeling down » have to do with it? The two of them are competing for votes, so she’s launching attack ads. Why the fucking psychotherapy?
Before everyone gets all huffy about how this is the same thing as the Clintons trying to peg Obama as a scary Negro in the mold of Al Sharpton, it isn’t. It’s reprehensible and disappointing, but it’s not clear to me that it’s deliberate.

Clearly this isn’t Chris Matthews-level shit or anything. All sexist comments are not created equal, and pointing out that Obama’s comment comes from a place of male privilege does not mean I’m saying it’s as bad as him holding up an « Iron My Shirt » sign or something. . But it’s pretty obvious to me that « when she’s feeling down » was a sexist way of characterizing the situation. As Lauren says, « If you’ve never been told you are “ruled by your emotions” in a professional capacity, you probably wouldn’t get it either. »

Une Réponse to “Hillary Sexism Watch: Feelings edition”

  1. digitale Says:

    They must iron their man’s mind!
    Sometimes i’m feeling down too, it’s normal i’m just a woman!(-;

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